Southeast European countries are importing more and more fresh fruit and vegetables

Published Aug 9, 2022

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Then there are a number of countries that import modest amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables, but show growth, namely Moldova (0.12 million tons), North Macedonia (0.10) and Albania (0.08). Bosnia imports about 0.25 million tons, but imports are not growing. This also applies to the smallest importer Montenegro. Many small countries Romania has by far the most inhabitants, ie almost 20 million. The Czech Republic then follows with just under 11 million inhabitants.

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Hungary has almost 10 million and Serbia and Bulgaria both about 7 million. There are also 5.5 million Slovaks, 4 million Croats and 3.3 million Bosniaks. There are between 2 and 3 million inhabitants in Albania, Moldova, Slovenia and North Macedonia. Montenegro is the smallest with 0.6 million inhabitants. Kosovo has just under 2 million inhabitants, but few figures are known because Kosovo is not recognized by many countries. Only Serbia and Moldova export significant quantities The countries in Southeastern Europe also export fresh fruit and vegetables, but on the whole the quantities are smaller than that of exports. Only Moldova and North Macedonia export more fresh fruit and vegetables than they import. Of the countries in this region, Serbia is the most important exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables with a quantity of 0.35 million tons in 2021. Previously, that was once more than 0.4 million tons. Moldova is the second with quantities of more than 0.3 million tons. North ...
Source: AGF
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