State of the fruit market globally, week 5

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Published Feb 5, 2024

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The US fruit market is experiencing a surge in the availability of Hass avocados, particularly with the upcoming Super Bowl. Blueberry prices are decreasing due to increased supply, but are still higher than the previous season. The Chilean cherry market in China is stable, while the European grape market is seeing higher prices due to low volumes. The European market is also seeing a slight increase in stone seeds, primarily supplied by South Africa and supplemented by Chilean nectarines.
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Comments Week 05 - 2024 Paltas: Mercado continued to record wide availability of Hass within the United States, while the industry focused on the upcoming Super Bowl. Quotes seeing weekly variations according to caliber. Blueberries: Prices are falling in response to greater availability in the US market, although they are still above the previous campaign. Cherries: The market remains relatively stable for Chilean cherries in China, recording similar prices to the previous week. Table grapes: Low volumes of grapes remain in the European market, with prices higher than the previous campaign. For its part, the first Chilean BSS quotes of this season are recorded. Stones: During this week a slight increase was observed in the arrivals of stone seeds in the European market, where the South African supply dominates and some batches of Chilean nectarines are incipient. Below is more information on the state of fruit supply, demand and price in the different markets for avocados, ...
Source: MXfruit
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