Paraguay: Steer price rebounds due to demand pressure and low supply

Updated Mar 10, 2023
After a fall of 35 cents in the last week, the Paraguayan treasury price recovered part of those losses, since it registered a rise of 10 cents to reach USD 3.40. Among the reasons for the rise in prices, the Valor Carne report cites the pressure of demand on the market and the delays in vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease, which exacerbate the lack of animals for slaughter.
In the last seven days there was a slight improvement in the price of the Paraguayan steer, since it added 10 cents in one week (USD 3.40 kg/carcass), although there are divergences between the usual sources, clarifies the consultant. Notably, the week saw a 35-cent drop due to the impact of the mad cow outlier in Brazil and speculation that it could corner the Paraguayan meat markets. This week the delays in the first stage of the vaccination of animals against foot-and-mouth disease and bovine brucellosis, which are causing a more acute shortage of animals for slaughter, as well as the pressure of demand on the market, encouraged the rise in the price from the local hacienda, says Valor Carne. In Argentina, the price reached USD 4.53, after falling ten cents in a week. In the market there is an average low of $7 in the offers of the refrigerators and a weekly devaluation. In the case of the Brazilian steer, there was a week-on-week drop of five cents, which allowed it to close ...
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