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Turkey: Strong demand for Black Sea salmon from Far East

Updated Jan 18, 2021
Known as 'rainbow trout' among the people in the Eastern Black Sea region, 'Black Sea salmon' is produced in cages and exported to Far Eastern countries and many European countries. In the production of salmon, which is started by obtaining eggs in fresh water, the fry are transported to the cages in the Black Sea when they reach 200 to 700 grams in the dam ponds. Here, the fish, which reach a weight of 4 to 6 kilograms, are sent to Vietnam after being processed in factories in the Eastern Black Sea. The Black Sea salmon, which has been re-processed into 'sushi' in Vietnam, is sent to Japan after a difficult and laborious journey and presented to the consumers here. 'Black Sea salmon' especially flavor Japanese tables as 'sushi'. '23 MILLION 790 THOUSAND DOLLARS GAINED' 'Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, Vice Chairman of the Board of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union (ODİB), last year, the Russian Federation, Vietnam, Japan, Georgia, Ukraine, People's Republic of China, Jordan, Tunisia, ...
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