Sugarcane: Conab points to Brazil's 2023/24 harvest of 713.2 million tons

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Published Apr 18, 2024

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In the 2023/2024 harvest, Brazil's sugarcane production soared to a record 713.2 million tons, a 16.8% increase from the previous cycle, largely due to favorable weather and sector investments, particularly in the center-south region. This surge led to record sugar and ethanol outputs, with sugar production at 45.68 million tons and ethanol at 35.61 billion liters, alongside a peak in sugar exports generating US$ 18.27 million from over 35 million tons sold internationally. However, the ethanol market faced challenges, with exports dropping by 2.92% to 2.57 billion liters, influenced by fluctuating exchange rates and declining oil prices, which reduced gasoline prices and impacted ethanol demand.
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Brazilian sugarcane production in the 2023/2024 harvest records 713.2 million tons and sets a new record in the historical series monitored by the National Supply Company (Conab). The volume represents an increase of 16.8%, when compared to the previous cycle, as shown in the 4th Survey on culture released, this Thursday (18), by the Company. According to the bulletin, the harvested area also registered a slight increase of 0.5%, estimated at 8.33 million hectares, while the average yield increased by 16.2%, going from 73,655 kilos per hectare to 85,580 kg/ha. Check out hot information about agriculture, livestock, economy and weather forecast in the palm of your hand: follow Canal Rural on WhatsApp! The weather conditions and investments in the sector provided this result, with emphasis on the recovery of productivity in the center-south of the country. In the Southeast, the region that concentrates the largest sugarcane production, there was an increase in the volume harvested ...
Source: CanalRural
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