South Korea: Taean fisherman opposes offshore wind farm

Updated Dec 26, 2022
When Taean-gun, South Chungcheong Province promotes the creation of an offshore wind farm, fishermen are opposing it.
The Taean-gun National Victims Countermeasures Committee, which is taking the lead in opposing the Taean-gun offshore wind farm, recently requested Taean-gun and the council not to install offshore wind power facilities in sea areas that significantly harm the coastal landscape. Wind power generation is a backwards policy of the military government in the form of 'development first, supplement later' that does not go through exclusion of resident acceptance sources, changes in seabed topography, damage to benthic ecosystems, destruction of fish spawning grounds, and fish spawning impact assessments due to low frequency, so it is a democratic process. It was suggested that it be immediately suspended for review by the In addition, as it is unfair due to legal violations such as economic promotion and energy supply system establishment in 2022, budget deliberation and reexamination of new and renewable energy supply expansion, etc. asked to stop. Taean-gun fishermen claim that the ...
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