Thai halal dominates the world to compete in the 35 trillion market

Canned Tuna
Published Sep 29, 2020

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Thai halal food rung to compete for the world market 35 trillion baht, the Federation of Thai Industries expects exports more than 9 hundred billion this year, 5% growth next year, pointing out three product groups that are strong after COVID. Confident in the future of Thailand rising to the top ten in the world

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Amid the global epidemic of COVID Affect many product groups of Thailand with a decrease in exports. But in many other essential product groups, exports began to expand positively and steadily, especially in food products such as canned tuna. Fresh fruit, chilled, frozen and processed chicken are other notable halal products. (Products produced in accordance with Islamic principles and standards) continued to expand. There are more than 2.2 billion Muslim consumers worldwide. It's a huge market. Including non-Muslim consumers, it is growing in popularity, competing for 35 trillion global markets, according to Global Trade Atlas data.In 2019, the global halal food market totaled US $ 1.15 trillion ( Or more than 35.7 trillion baht, calculated at 31 baht per dollar Preliminary estimates based on the value of food exports of various countries, excluding prohibited items according to Islam) by the world's top 10 exporters are the United States, Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, China, ...
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