The authorities of Burkina Faso allowed the export of grain to Niger, which was under the sanctions of ECOWAS

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Burkina Faso
Published Aug 12, 2023

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Burkina Faso has decided to allow grain exports to neighboring Niger, which is currently under sanctions from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The decision was made in solidarity with Niger, despite Burkina Faso also facing food shortages. In July, a group of military men in Niger mutinied and removed President Mohamed Bazum, leading to the imposition of sanctions by ECOWAS.
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The authorities of Burkina Faso on Friday announced a decision to allow grain exports to neighboring Niger, which has been under economic community of West African (ECOWAS) sanctions since late July. This is reported by the government Burkini News Agency. The government in Ouagadougou "exceptionally allowed the export of millet, corn, sorghum and beans to Niger in solidarity with its neighbour," the report said. In November 2022, the authorities of Burkina Faso, which itself needs food, suspended the export of grains such as millet, corn, sorghum and beans. On July 26, a group of military men from the Niger Presidential Guard mutinied and announced the removal of President Mohamed Bazum. To govern the country, the National Council for the Salvation of the Motherland was formed, headed by the commander of the guard, Abdurakhman Tchiani. Bazum remains in custody at his residence. ECOWAS following the July 30 summit imposed ...
Source: Kvedomosti
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