The Black Sea is a region in turmoil between Ukraine and Russia

Published Mar 23, 2022

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Trade flows out of the Black Sea region, particularly from Ukraine ports, have been severely disrupted by Russia's invasion of its western neighbour on February 24. Exports from this region are a vital component of the globe's food supply. A prolonged disruption will have huge ramifications across the world. Nonetheless, it would be unrealistic to expect demand for Black Sea wheat to completely vanish at this point in proceedings.

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Russia has reportedly mined the key shipping lanes from Odesa, and other Ukraine ports, to the Bosphorus. This is making navigation extremely hazardous. Additionally, the Russian navy continues to restrict the movement of vessels wishing to leave the Black Sea that have loaded at Ukraine ports. The exact number of ships in question is unclear. But, according to one report, it could be as high as 200-300 ships - many of which are carrying grain such as wheat and corn. Another report suggested it was around 100 ships affected. The Black Sea is a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean with an area of 436,402 square kilometres, which is about 75 per cent of the size of Ukraine. It is bordered by Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. Vessels navigating the Black Sea have just one entrance and one exit - the Bosphorus. It is a narrow strait that bisects Istanbul and forms part of the continental boundary between Asia and Europe. The Bosphorus connects the Black Sea to the ...
Source: Farmweekly
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