The first Bulgarian cucumbers on the market will not be ready until February

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Published Dec 11, 2023

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Two weeks before Christmas, Bulgarian greenhouse growers are not able to produce cucumbers and tomatoes due to high energy costs and market uncertainty, leading to the import of Albanian cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables from Greece, Turkey, and North Macedonia. The first Bulgarian cucumbers will not be ready until mid-February, and the price is expected to be higher than last year due to increased costs. Despite the higher prices and imports, market experts predict that prices will not significantly change before Christmas due to low consumption.
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Two weeks before the Christmas holidays, the commercial network in our country is basically flooded with expensive Albanian cucumbers. A kilogram costs them 6 BGN. For Christmas, one thing is certain - we will not eat Bulgarian cucumbers and tomatoes. Greenhouse growers in our country refused to risk sowing production earlier because of higher energy costs and market uncertainty. So, apart from cucumbers imported from Albania, most fruits and vegetables for Christmas will mainly be from Greece, Turkey and North Macedonia. Every year, the first cucumbers in Bulgaria come out of greenhouses in the Plovdiv village of Razevo Konare. The crops are now at seedling level, the producers explain. "Bulgarian cucumbers rather not. We will 100 percent not eat Bulgarian cucumber. The reason is that we plant them in December and start picking cucumbers on the 58th day," commented agronomist Konstantin Sotirov to Nova TV. They grow 30 acres of cucumbers in the greenhouses. The first ...
Source: Dnes
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