French increased consumption of cheese at a record, but still lagging behind

Published Mar 21, 2021

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The French, known for their love of cheese, saw a record increase in consumption during their isolation, but that didn’t make them leaders either.

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As eateries were closed for several months, sales at restaurants and bars plummeted, Forbes reported. However, by category, each type of syrah has benefited from increased retail sales. At the end of 2020, high growth was demonstrated by cheese made from cow's milk (+ 8.5% during the year). Sales of raclette cheese increased by 12.2% and contents by 8.2%. By the way, Conte cheese is as widespread in France as cheddar is in Great Britain. Emmental increased by 7.8% and goat cheese by 7.2%. However, Italian cheese became the leader in sales - sales of mozzarella added as much as 21.2%. NB 6 new trends in cheese culture in 2021 Specialized food magazine Les Marchés names the reasons why people preferred cheese during the pandemic. First, it can be used as an ingredient in many dishes. Moreover, home cooking has increased, especially during the first block. Also, the French consider cheese to be synonymous with comfort, especially when melted. It goes well with raclette or more ...
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