In Iran, the jump in production in the rainfed fields increases the fodder production in the country by 15%

Updated Mar 6, 2023
In an interview with ISNA, Alireza Mohajer said: Currently, the amount of barley production in the country is 4 million tons, and on the other hand, 5.5 million tons of this product is imported into the country to meet the needs, which is planned The level of production should be increased and the amount of imports should be reduced. Referring to the implementation of the production jump plan in the rainfed fields, he said: The goal of implementing this plan in the dryfields is to increase the production performance per unit area by 10-15%. Mohajer added: In this plan, the cultivation of crops such as wheat, barley, oilseeds and legumes is desired. He continued: When oilseeds are cultivated in the rainfed fields, its meal will be used as fodder for livestock. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture stated: In the current crop year, 4 million and 200 thousand hectares of rainfed fields have been covered by the implementation of this plan. He said: This plan is being implemented in cooperation with the executive headquarters of Farman Imam, and the farmers who have implemented this plan will be provided facilities at a rate of 4 percent as well as the necessary training.
The Deputy Minister of Agricultural Jihad further stated that the country's rainfed land area is 8 million ...
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