The latest prices of chicken, meat and fruit in Iran

Frozen Whole Chicken
Published Mar 5, 2021

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The latest prices of meat, poultry, eggs, fish, dates, fruits and vegetables were announced in the fruit and vegetable markets.

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According to ISNA, according to the price list of the Fruit and Vegetable Markets Organization, the price of each kilogram of fresh beef thigh is 121 thousand Tomans, fresh head of beef is 119 thousand Tomans, mixed beef is 110 thousand Tomans, mixed minced meat is 98 thousand Tomans, fresh mutton thigh is 144 thousand Tomans. 500 Tomans, 124,100 Tomans for fresh sheep, 143,400 Tomans for fresh sheep, 119,800 Tomans for sheep, 36,300 Tomans for turkey, 20,400 Tomans for market chicken, 16,900 Tomans per egg, 16,900 Tomans for freshly packed eggs A 30-piece comb weighing one kilogram and 900 grams costs 35,700 tomans. Also, rainbow trout is 48,500 Tomans, orange meat trout is 53,000 Tomans, each large handful of large offal is 143,000 Tomans, and each complete hand of sheep heart and liver is 115,000 Tomans. Also, each kilo of Bam Mumtaz Mazafati dates is offered at a price of 26,500 Tomans, Super Liquon sheep cheese at 63,000 Tomans, and pasteurized white cheese at 26,500 Tomans ...
Source: Isna
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