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The livestock sector in Greece is shrinking

Updated Jan 12, 2023
The livestock sector in the country is showing a significant contraction. Increased production costs, fewer workers are the major problems of the industry. According to ELGO-DIMITRA, the livestock farmers who delivered milk in the first ten months of 2022 were 1955 compared to 2,130 in 2021, a decrease of 10%. According to the same data, the reduction of cow and sheep milk in the respective years reaches 4.26 and 1.88%.
As reported by, the high cost of maintaining the units and feeding the animals, according to the breeders, leads some to leave the profession and others to reduce the number of animals leading them to slaughter. Concern prevails among the breeders of Kozani and Serres as well. As the breeders point out, with the decrease in production and the increased needs, the industries will proceed to import milk from foreign markets, which will be clearly more expensive, taking the derived products with ...
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