Argentina: The main themes of the CFP

Published Oct 3, 2022

Tridge summary

The councilors discussed the reformulation of the fishing permit for the Pescargen IV, which was shipwrecked last August and will now return as a jigger for the firm Arbumasa. Note was also taken of CAPA's request regarding the Argentine presence at mile 201 and the state of the anchovy was made known.

Original content

Several issues were addressed at the meeting of the Federal Fisheries Council last Thursday, since, at this time of year, the end of the shrimp season leaves room to deal with other matters that are important for the sector. Among the outstanding decisions is the reformulation of the fishing permit for the shipwrecked Pescargen IV, which will pass into the hands of Arbumasa, converted into a jigger, and his hake quotas will be transferred to a vessel to be designated by its new owner. On the other hand, CAPA, the chamber of jiggers, has requested to reduce the requirements of presence at mile 201 and finally, INIDEP has confirmed the healthy state of both the Buenos Aires and Patagonian anchovy, indicating that its state is conducive to a greater development of the fishery As of the approval of the reformulation of the permit presented by the firm Pescargen, the ship that was shipwrecked last August will become a new jigger for the firm Arbumasa and the quotas of hubbsi hake and ...
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