The Netherlands is also a world player in fresh fruit and vegetables in the corona year

Published Jan 7, 2021

Tridge summary

The Netherlands also made it happen again in 2020: we are a world player in fresh fruit and vegetables. Sales of fresh fruit and vegetables abroad increased by 6 percent to € 12.9 billion. The growth is mainly due to imported fruit, which often gains a foothold in Europe via the port of Rotterdam and is sold on to our European hinterland together with Dutch products as a total package. The sales turnover of fruit abroad rose 13 percent, that of vegetables fell 1 percent compared to 2019. Our top 3 sales markets: Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium.

Original content

The Dutch import of fresh fruit and vegetables increased by 8 percent to € 9 billion. The Netherlands acts as a gateway for imported products to the rest of Europe. Dutch trading companies provide added value in the form of ripening, packaging and fine-mesh logistics, among other things. Avocado was the most important import product with € 1.1 billion. The strongest growers in the import range were: avocado (+ 22%), blueberry (+ 14%) and orange (+ 29%). More fruit was mainly imported from South Africa and Peru. This is evident from data that GroentenFruit Huis analyzed on the basis of data from Eurostat, among others. The production value of Dutch fruit and vegetable growers is € 3.9 billion, compared to € 3.7 billion in 2019. The year was not equally successful for all growers. Tomato growers have had a less good financial year, partly due to the disappearance of the hotel and catering industry throughout Europe. Growers of bell peppers and aubergines, on the other hand, received ...
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