The Netherlands is introducing Nutri-Score system, and in Poland by Biedronka

Published Aug 25, 2021

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The Nutri-Score system is designed to help consumers make healthier choices when shopping within a product group. The Nutri-Score is determined by assigning points for the amount of protein, fiber, fruit, vegetables, legumes and nuts contained in the food. Points for energy (kcal), sugars, saturated fat, and salt are subtracted from this result. Based on the overall rating, the product receives a rating of A, B, C, D or E (from healthy to least healthy).

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It is in the form of a simple code with 5 letters and corresponding colors (from dark green to red). Classification A defines products of higher nutritional quality, and class E those products that should be eaten less or less frequently. The Nutri-Score logo must be used in accordance with international terms of use. In order to use the Nutri-Score, food companies are required to put a logo on the front of their food packaging. Biedronka introduces Nutri-Score to private label products From August 16, Biedronka started marking private label products with the Nutri-Score system. It is an evidence-based food labeling scale that will help consumers make informed food choices. The first brand of the chain marked with the Nutri-Score scale is Vital Fresh, and the first one: a smoothie with carrot, pineapple, peach and orange. The network initiative is part of the EU's Farm to Fork strategy, which aims to provide Europeans with healthy, affordable and sustainable food. By the end of ...
Source: Foodfakty
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