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The oil war: What is the reason for the shocking increase in its price in Latin America and the world

Updated May 19, 2022
( Fried eggs? Maybe not... And why don't we make some fish or chips? The answer to that question is becoming increasingly difficult as the prices of vegetable oils - and especially sunflower oil - have climbed so high that they have become a luxury in the kitchen. So high that some consumers complain and also laugh on social networks with messages like "I'm selling a shirt with oil stains." In Chile, for example, a bottle of pisco (the most common alcoholic beverage in the country) is cheaper than one of oil in some supermarkets. And in Mexico it is the product whose price has increased the most within the food basket measured by the National Institute of Statistics (INEGI). In the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy or Germany, rationing policies have been applied, with some supermarkets setting a purchase limit of between one and three liters per person per day. Along with rationing, it is increasingly common to find empty shelves. The problem is not only that the price has ...
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