The president of the Moroccan Avocado Association says all about a fruit whose production consumes large amounts of water in the Kingdom

Published Apr 15, 2023

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Our Moroccan News - Yassin Ocean Abdullah Al-Yamlihi, President of the "Moroccan Avocado" Association, shed light on all the facts related to the production of "Avocado" fruit in Morocco, and the depletion of the aquatic bed caused by it. In this regard, Al-Yamelhi said, in an interview with the newspaper "Le Pinion", that "avocado production during this year (2023) amounted to 40,000 tons," adding: "We are close to achieving a historical record in avocado production, but we will definitely reach it within next season." And the president of the same association continued: “With the end of the season by next June, the Moroccan sector can continue its positive momentum, and erase the record of 42,300 tons of avocados, which were shipped during the previous season,” noting that “these numbers can double 3 times by In 2027, the quantity will reach 100,000 tons. Al-Yamelhi explained this momentum by a number of factors, including: "the quality of its taste, color and size, in addition ...
Source: Akhbarona
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