Turkey: The price difference between the producer and the market in June exceeded 4 times, according to Şemsi Bayraktar

Updated Jul 6, 2021
Şemsi Bayraktar, Chairman of the Union of Chambers of Agriculture of Turkey (TZOB), evaluated the producer-market prices in June, the developments in drought, natural disasters and animal husbandry. According to the statement made by TZOB today, Bayraktar stated that the price difference between the manufacturer and the market for some products exceeded 4 times. UP TO 4 TIMES DIFFERENCE Bayraktar explained the price difference in the products as follows: “Watermelon is 4.4 times, onion is 4 times, eggplant is 3.7 times, chickpea is 3.2 times, cucumbers and zucchini are sold to consumers 3.1 times. Watermelon, which is 34 kuruş, is sold for 1 lira 50 kuruş, 41 kurus for 1 lira 63 kurus, 1 lira 34 kurus for eggplant 4 liras 54 kurus, 4 liras for 35 kurus chickpeas for 13 liras 93 kurus.” PRICE INCREASE ON 14 PRODUCTS Bayraktar stated that there was a price increase in 14 products in the market, 12 products in the manufacturer, 26 products in the market and 13 products in the ...
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