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The price of canned fish goes up in Indonesia, this is the culprit

Updated Aug 3, 2022
Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia - The fish canning industry is currently under pressure from the high cost of raw materials, the increase is almost 50%. General Chairperson of the Indonesian Fish Canning Association (Apiki), Hendri Sutandinata, said that business actors must also spin their minds in order to make efficiency, both in terms of production costs and other costs.
According to CNBC Indonesia's monitoring at one of the minimarkets in Ciapus, Bogor Regency, it can be seen that there was a price adjustment at the beginning of this August. For example, ABC Sardines type of tomato and extra spicy 425 grams is now available at a price of Rp. 23,500. Previously it was still in the range of Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 21,000. Meanwhile, the Maya Sardine brand is now IDR 10,600 for the 155 gram size. "Similar to other food industries, we are in a difficult condition in the sense that the price of raw materials goes up a lot, but the selling price can't go up too much because purchasing power is weak. The increase in raw materials is up to 50%, at least 25-50%," said Hendri to CNBC Indonesia, quoted Wednesday (3/8/22). Conditions are getting more difficult because domestic supplies cannot be relied on at this time. Even if there is, the price is quite high. As a result, in order to continue to run production, it is imported. "The raw material was fish, for ...
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