The prices of grain in the markets in Tanzania have dropped by five percent

Published Jan 15, 2021

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Average grain prices in various markets in the country have dropped by 5 percent, with the price of round potatoes and fruit and vegetable products increasing to 12 percent. In the Agricultural Crops Market, prices have fluctuated between December last year and January 8, this year.

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In the process, the average price of maize and sorghum nationally has not changed, where as from December 28, last year a 100kg sack has continued to sell for Shs 57,000 until January 8, this year. In addition, a 100 kg sack of sorghum has continued to sell for Sh 88,000 during the period, while beans and rice prices have dropped by five percent and the price of round potatoes has increased by six percent. The current price of 100 kg of rice is sold at an average of Shs 141,350 from an average of Shs 149,000 in most regions except Mpanda (Katavi) and Musoma (Mara) areas where the price of one sack is approximately Shs 96,000. For the bean crop, the 100 kg sack currently sells for an average of Sh 197,000 from Sh 207,000 in December last year, but in Dar es Salaam the price of the crop in the Tandika market has remained the same at Sh 260,000 per bag of that volume since December 21, last year. "Prices for some cereal products have remained the same but other cereals have dropped ...
Source: Habarileo
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