Ukraine: The rivers of Lviv Oblast were stocked with brook trout for the first time during the years of independence

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Published Sep 6, 2023

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Over 30,000 brook trout have been released into five rivers in the Lviv region, marking the first time this has been done since independence. The fish were settled in rivers that have been deemed safe and suitable for their habitat by scientists. The brook trout is an indigenous species to the Lviv region, and this effort seeks to restore it to its historical natural environment.
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As part of the state project, over 30,000 specimens of brook trout were released into five rivers of the region - Oryavchyk, Butivlya, Berezhnytsia, Zavadka, Stryi. These fish are settled only in rivers that have been tested by scientists and determined to be safe and conducive to life. Fish stock is grown by the Lopushno Trout Plant. "Brown trout is an aboriginal species for the Lviv region, and it is being returned to its historical natural environment," emphasized Bohdan ...
Source: Agrotimes
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