Poland: The trade agreement with Mercosur needs to be reviewed

Published Mar 9, 2022

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Poland is in favor of verifying the EU position on the trade agreement with Mercosur - said Ryszard Bartosik, deputy minister of agriculture at the parliamentary committee on agriculture. The European Union and Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) reached a political agreement at the end of June 2019 on a trade agreement that was being negotiated for nearly 20 years. It aims to open up markets for products and increase trade; it still has to be ratified by the member states.

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The deputy head of the ministry indicated at the committee meeting that the ministry shared the opinion of many agricultural organizations that the agreement posed significant threats to EU agriculture. He recalled that Poland, along with some EU countries, is skeptical about the agreement, fearing, inter alia, increased imports to Europe of cane sugar from Brazil, beef from Argentina, as well as poultry and sugar cane spirit, which can be used to produce bioethanol. He added that the situation in agriculture has changed since the end of the negotiations, especially in the context of the proposed new green deal. - Poland is for the verification of the EU position on the trade agreement with Mercosur - said Bartosik. Małgorzata Tracz (KO) pointed out that officially several European countries, incl. France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria have spoken out against this agreement. As she assessed, contracts in this shape are "environmental trading" and consent to the logging of ...
Source: AgroPolska
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