The ways of consuming fish in Iran are limited, demand increases with increasing diversity

Published Aug 30, 2023

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Seyyed Hassan Jalili, the head of the National Aquatic Processing Research Center, emphasized the importance of proper storage and transportation conditions for seafood to maintain their quality. The center has conducted various research projects in aquatic processing technologies, focusing on improving handling and quality maintenance, diversifying seafood products, and utilizing by-products. The development of processing technology and the fishing industry not only contributes to food security and increased employment but also offers a valuable source of income.
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In an interview with Isna, Seyyed Hassan Jalili stated that seafood is a highly perishable food item and said: Lack of attention to storage and transportation conditions after catching will lead to adverse changes in their quality characteristics and making them unusable. Therefore, continuous optimization of handling methods can provide a healthy raw material for the production of high quality products. He continued: National Aquatic Processing Research Center, as the only research and promotion pilot of aquatic processing in the country, has carried out numerous research projects in the macro fields of aquatic processing technologies during its two decades of activity. These projects have been implemented in the three main axes of handling and maintaining quality, diversification of seafood and exploitation of by-products or aquatic waste, the most important of which is the acquisition of technical knowledge and formulation of ready-to-cook or consumption products, including ...
Source: Isna
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