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The world production of nuts falls by 8% this campaign, according to the INC

Updated Nov 24, 2021
Sources from this organization have pointed out that the harvest has already been completed in the northern hemisphere and that the data relating to the 2021/22 season indicate that there has been a 54% growth in production in the last decade, if the latter are compared. with those of the 2011/12 campaign. They have also highlighted that the global demand for nuts remained strong during the 2020/21 marketing season, in which "a record of international shipments" was found despite the covid-19. In the current one, they have highlighted that there have been "interruptions in shipping and logistics", which is "producing some delays and shortage of supply in the short term." The production of almond grain, according to its forecasts, has reached a total volume of 1.59 million tons (1.73 million in the 2020/21 campaign), a decrease of 8% that has been attributed mainly to the “short harvest ”In the United States (USA). They have also noted a decrease in walnut production, which has ...
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