Global: There are more onions, but they are more expensive, and the berry season is gaining momentum

Updated May 22, 2023
Key highlights over the past week: — White cabbage supply continues to grow — Onions have increased in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, and less in Ukraine — For the first time in the season, zucchini is in the top sales — The variety of fruits and berries sold is growing — The leader in the fruit and berry segment is garden strawberry — The supply of watermelon, apricot and cherry has increased - Raspberries from Uzbekistan and blueberries from Georgia are already on sale - Onions are becoming more expensive in Ukraine - Vegetables and fruits from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are getting cheaper About these and other trends in the fruit and vegetable markets of the region in a weekly review of EastFruit trading floors. The past week in the EastFruit Trade Platform group was marked by both a 10% increase in the number of ads and the expansion of the geography of participants to 16 countries. Again there were announcements from Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Macedonia. The commodity ...
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