Bulgaria: There is a demand for female kids under selection for dairy farms

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Published Apr 14, 2024

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In Bulgaria, the Kozarev goat farm is addressing the challenge of a goat's milk shortage driven by high demand and limited supply. Managed by Todor Spasov, the farm has adopted French dairy goat farming techniques, particularly focusing on the French Alpine breed, to enhance milk production. By implementing modern milking practices and a hydroponic system for consistent, quality fodder, the farm aims to produce superior milk. Additionally, plans are in place to sell animals from 2024 to aid in the establishment of new goat farms in Bulgaria and Greece. The farm's comprehensive strategy includes controlled breeding, utilizing both natural and artificial insemination, and ensuring animals have adequate rest between lactation cycles to sustain high productivity levels.
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There is a shortage of goat's milk in Bulgaria - there is a demand, but the supply is small. It is important not just to produce milk, but to have quality milk. The processor is inclined to give a slightly higher price, but to get quality raw material with which he can work easily and make a good dairy product for the end user, Todor Spasov, manager of the Kozarev goat farm, told Agri.BG. More on the topic: A large farm produces the first probiotic from goat's milk in our country From 2024 they also offer animals for sale. There are requests from colleagues from Bulgaria and Greece for female kids for dairy farms. "We waited a long time to realize this idea. We wanted to fill our farm capacity of 1152 animals first so we could sell. There is interest in creating new and developing goat farms that have already been built. Unfortunately, few people in Bulgaria know how modern dairy goat farming is done. That's why we adopted a strategy to appoint young specialists who we train on ...
Source: Agri
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