They identify 7 Peruvian products with export potential to South Korea

South Korea
Published May 22, 2021

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According to Idexcam, Peru has managed to maintain a solid commercial relationship with the Asian country despite a situation of health crisis, a stage in which it has become even more consolidated. In this sense, he stated that it is possible to continue increasing shipments to that market with selected products and through the joint work of the public and private sectors. Among the Peruvian products that could be more consolidated in this market are coffee without roasting or decaffeination, frozen shrimp and prawns, sweaters, cardigans and similar knitted cotton articles, tricycles, pedal cars and toys with wheels, knitted sweaters. wool. Likewise, cane sugar in solid form and footwear with rubber soles, products whose shipments do not exceed $ 1,000, but which are registering a growing demand in the South Korean market. By product In 2020, shipments of unroasted or decaffeinated coffee to South Korea totaled 26.1 million dollars, an amount that represents 9.05% of what that ...
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