This type of meat has become brutally more expensive in Hungary: Butchers measure it at a gold price

Frozen Pork Ham & Shoulder
Published Aug 26, 2021

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According to statistics, a Hungarian consumes roughly 30 kg of pigs and approximately the same amount of poultry meat per year. In the popularity competition of meats, beef is the driver of the army, of which we eat only 3.5 kg per year, while pork and poultry compete head to head. In comparison, the consumption of mangalica in Hungary is a negligible item, HelloVidék wrote. Although mangalica is one of the more expensive, premium quality red meats, it is extremely tasty because of its intrinsic value and ideal fat-to-meat ratio - which is why it would be useful for as many people as possible to recognize the importance of this type of meat. According to Gergely Giczi, Deputy Managing Director of the Agricultural Marketing Center (AMC), the pig sector is in a very difficult situation, as the market reorganization caused by African swine fever (ASP), which is safe for humans, has in many cases reduced purchase prices below cost. In the last three years, the number of mangalica ...
Source: Agrarszektor
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