This will make it difficult to suppress Hungarian agriculture, contaminated grain arrived from Ukraine

Published Apr 5, 2023

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Back in February, the Minister of Agriculture ordered strict quality and food chain safety checks for grains coming to our country from Ukraine. In three cases, the specialists found corn contaminated with mycotoxins, and three samples also showed positive results after the GMO test. The investigation coordinated by the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) covered the entire territory of Hungary. The specialists performed GMO, pesticide residue and toxin content tests on the samples taken from the items in the grain storages, as well as checked the storage conditions, the possible presence of warehouse pests and the traceability. The inspections covered not only unprocessed grain products, but also wheat flour of Ukrainian origin arriving in Hungary, as there were suspicions of quality objections in relation to them as well. In our previous article, we showed that genetically modified (GMO) forage crops produce toxins that kill pests and therefore require the use of fewer ...
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