This year's melon season in Hungary is off to a good start

Updated Jul 2, 2022
The 2022 melon season officially starts this week. Although we can already find cantaloupes from home-grown cultivation on the shelves, the picking of wild cantaloupe and cantaloupe is just beginning.
This year, the melon-growing area decreased by about 15 percent, which is about 3,000 hectares. Of this, 2,600 hectares are watermelons and 400 hectares are melons. A similar decrease in area can be seen in international production as well. However, thanks to the suitable weather, increasingly excellent varieties and increasing technological standards, domestic yields are expected to increase: the specialists expect about 130,000 tons of watermelons and 12,000 tons of cantaloupe, Agro Napló learned from the announcement of the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy. Melons particularly like the current sunny, warm weather, and optimal water supply is essential for the development of melons, which is extremely important in this drought year. In addition to the reduction of non-irrigated areas, intensively irrigated technologies are continuously spreading in our country. In Hungary, melons are typically grown in the open field, but cultivation under foil tents is expanding, with which ...
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