Togo draws CFA2.34 billion plan to develop its roots and tuber industry in 2024-2028

Published Jul 23, 2023

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Togo has outlined its investment plan of CFA2.34 billion ($4.25 million) to develop the roots and tuber sectors over the next five years. The plan aims to increase Togo's roots and tuber output by 15% and achieve a 15% processing rate by 2028. The investment will be divided into three axes focusing on productivity and product quality, marketing, and strengthening governance and financing mechanisms, with the majority of funding coming from the state.
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The overall goal of this plan, which was published in 2023, is to increase Togo’s roots and tuber output by 15% and achieve a 15% processing rate, by 2028. Diving deeper, the plan aims to improve RTCs’ productivity and quality, boost the value of the products, improve marketing channels, and strengthen the governance and financing mechanism of the sector. A three-pronged plan The action program is divided into three axes. The first focuses on boosting productivity, and product quality; it is set to cost CFA755 million, of which CFA306.5 million should come from the State. Axis 2 focuses on enhancing and marketing RTC sector products, and it is expected to cost CFA726 million; The State should provide CFA106.25 million. The third and last axis is dedicated to strengthening the governance and financing mechanism of the sector. It will require funding of CFA865.2 million, of which 202.5 million FCFA will be allocated by the State. The private sector and technical and financial ...
Source: Togofirst
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