Brazil: Even with the end of stoppages, tomato's wholesale prices go up

Updated Nov 12, 2022
With the end of the road stoppages, the flow of tomatoes and harvesting activities have returned to normal in recent days. However, contrary to what was expected, the volume of fruit offered throughout this week was considerably lower compared to the previous week. According to collaborators from Sumaré (SP) - one of the main producing regions at the moment - what explains the decrease in supply is the tomato maturation process.
Last week, due to the high temperatures, the maturation of the fruits was accelerated, and the harvests were advanced. Thus, with the milder weather this week, the amount of ripe tomatoes in the fields was very low, which ended up generating a shortage of the product in the markets. Therefore, the week ended with high prices in most wholesalers: at Ceagesp (SP), tomatoes were sold at R$ 88.75, an appreciation of 13.29% compared to the previous week; in Belo Horizonte (MG), prices were R$91.66, 9.68% higher and, in ...
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