Belgium: Tomatoes and bell peppers are having a hard time pricing

Published Jul 7, 2023

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The Belgian cherry season has started with high prices and limited volumes, leading to a strong demand. The prices for strawberries have fallen, while blueberries and raspberries are fetching higher prices. Cucumber prices briefly increased due to barbecue weather but have since dropped. Pepper prices have halved, and tomato prices are slightly below average. Cabbage lettuce prices are increasing, while lettuce, eggplant, and cauliflower prices have dropped. Leek prices remain stable.
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The Belgian cherry season has started well with very high prices. There is a lot of demand, Boerenbond also shares a market update with the VBT figures for week 26 from abroad. The volumes of cherries are still quite limited. There will certainly not be an oversupply in the first few weeks, rather it looks as if prices will continue to rise. The price of strawberries has fallen further. The Sonsation variety is currently the best paid, with an average price of 2.93 euros/kilo. The blueberries fetch prices around 7.5-8.00 Euro/kg on the clock, raspberries between 9 and 9.50 Euro/kg. Jonagold apples are still sold at a price of about 0.60 Euro/kg. The barbecue weather caused a short price increase for cucumbers, but in the meantime the cucumber price dropped below 0.15 Euro/unit again. The warm summer weather did not help tomato and bell pepper prices. Pepper prices have even halved compared to early June, leaving green and yellow peppers with only about 0.70 Euro/kg. Orange peppers ...
Source: AGF
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