Türkiye: Dramatic increase in tomato exports in 2022

Published Mar 21, 2023

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Revenue from tomato product exports doubled compared to last year and increased 2.5 times compared to the pre-Covid period

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2022 (January-December) was a period of exceptional development for tomato product exports produced by the Turkish processing industry, which confirmed the significant growth already recorded in 2021. The tomato paste category (HS codes 200290) has seen foreign sales jump 45% over the past year, from 216,000 mT in 2021 to 313,000 mT of finished products in 2022 (mostly exported under codes 200290390000). The quantities exported last year also represent a 105% increase over the average performance (150,600 mT) of the three-year period (2017, 2018, and 2019) that preceded the Covid pandemic. Over the same reference period, Turkish exports of canned tomatoes (customs codes 200210) recorded an increase of 93% in 2022; the annual variation was recorded at 22%, with quantities increasing from 23,500 mT in 2021 to 28,500 mT in 2022. In comparison, with 22,300 mT exported in 2022, the results of the sauces sector (customs codes 210320) seem less impressive, while they did however ...
Source: Tomatonews
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