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Ugandan farmer looks to reverse poverty with new processing plant

Updated Dec 23, 2020
A year later he set up a social enterprise called the Uganda Community Farm, in a bid to help other rural farmers in Kamuli, Eastern Uganda. ‘Impatient’ to end extreme poverty in his region, Anthony has launched a fundraising campaign to help raise money for an agro-processing plant which will not only minimise post-harvest food losses, but also create a reliable market linkage for poor, rural farmers. The intended plant will process six different crops including cassava starch, high-quality cassava starch and threshed and graded cereals, which can be supplied to breweries, paint manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, adhesive and paperboard industries and yoghurt and biscuit producers. Anthony said: “The inability for poor, rural farmers to access markets for their produce is the core challenge that keeps every single farmer in our region in extreme poverty. I’m passionate about changing the outlook for our region and believe that, with enough support and funds to support a new ...
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