Ukraine began to sell milk to foreign markets more actively

Published Jun 24, 2024

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In May, Ukrainian dairy exports saw a significant increase despite low global prices, driven by a rise in processing volumes and a decrease in domestic sales. The exports of spreads, casein, and dry whey increased notably year-over-year, while imports of dairy products, including butter, rennet cheese, and processed cheese, decreased. The import of cheese, which was expected to continue increasing, remained stable. Experts predict that exports will further increase in June, while imports will decrease. The price of milk and milk products in Europe, especially in Poland, is on the rise, impacting imports. Additionally, domestic producers are urged to consider pricing strategies as European cheese dominates the Ukrainian market. Despite an increase in dairy product prices, sales volumes have risen, and fresh dairy product producers are now operating profitably.
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Despite the low prices on the world market, in May Ukrainian exports of most dairy products increased significantly, both relative to April of the current year and compared to May 2023. This is reported by Infagro. Experts explain this by a significant increase in the volume of processing against the background of much weaker growth in domestic sales than last year. Among the main commodity items, less is exported, except for butter and cheese products. Compared to May of last year, the export of spreads, casein and dry whey increased significantly. At the same time, according to the publication's analysts, the volume of imports of dairy products (butter, rennet cheese, processed cheese) decreased in May. Contrary to expectations, the import of cheese stopped increasing. To some extent, this is due to the trend towards rising prices for milk and milk products in Europe and, in particular, in Poland, the main supplier of this product to Ukraine. Experts predict that in June the ...
Source: Agropolit
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