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Ukraine has reduced exports of fruit and berry products

Updated Jan 28, 2021
The largest revenues came from the sale of frozen fruits and berries ($ 111 million), walnuts in shell and without ($ 98 million), apples and pears ($ 10 million), with the total share of these product groups in our exports of fruit -berry production was 92%. Note that in kind, exports of walnuts decreased from 68 thousand tons in 2019 to 39 thousand tons in 2020, and apples and pears, respectively, from 54 thousand tons to 19 thousand tons. Although sales in 2020 in foreign markets of frozen fruit in the amount of 55 thousand tons became the maximum during the period of independence of Ukraine. The main buyers of Ukrainian fruits, berries and nuts in 2020 were Poland ($ 57.7 million), France ($ 19.7 million), Germany ($ 17.2 million), and the Netherlands ($ 11.6 million). ), Italy ($ 11.5 million), Austria ($ 11.2 million), Turkey ($ 10.5 million), the Czech Republic ($ 9.6 million), Greece ($ 9.5 million). ), Belarus ($ 9.2 million). In 2020, the European vector of exports for ...
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