Ukraine is among the largest European producers of quail eggs

Quail Egg
Published May 8, 2021

Tridge summary

Quail eggs are in good demand in the global market. Ukraine can also boast of it's achievements in this area. Currently, China produces the most quail eggs - 184 billion a year. This is about 38% of total world production. China exports its products to Japan, Russia, Korea and the Middle East. Second place in the ranking is taken by Brazil, and the US is # 3 among leaders.

Original content

France, Italy and Spain are the largest producers in the EU, but the amounts produced are small compared to the Asian countries. For instance in France 400 thous. Layer quails produce 80-90 mln. Eggs a year. Amounts produced in the other EU countries are even smaller (official data is lacking). Therefore, Ukraine and Russia with annual volumes of 400-600 million quail eggs are probably the largest European producers. Quail meat is more popular in the EU market than eggs, while in most Asian countries it is the other way around. Quail egg production is growing quite rapidly in Australia, Canada, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and some other countries, although overall volumes are still small. Quail population is the second largest among poultry. ...
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