Ukraine reduced the export of dairy products by 30% in September

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Published Oct 6, 2023

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In September 2023, Ukraine's dairy exports decreased significantly, with natural volumes decreasing by 30% and monetary income decreasing by 43% compared to August. The main export categories were milk, cream, butter, cheese, and whey. The decrease in exports is attributed to a decrease in milk production and a focus on meeting the needs of the domestic market, as well as the end of the seasonal peak for ice cream sales in Europe. Additionally, imports of dairy products decreased, except for butter and cheese which saw increases.
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According to the preliminary data of the DSSU, in September 2023, Ukraine exported 7.33 thousand tons of dairy products worth 14.05 million dollars. Compared to August of the current year, the natural volumes of exports decreased by 30%, and the monetary income decreased by 43%. The main export categories in monetary terms were the following goods: Natural volumes of milk and non-condensed cream exports amounted to 2.31 thousand tons, which is 8% less compared to August. The revenue for the delivered goods amounted to 1.27 million dollars. and decreased by 10%. About 97% of the exported goods were sent to Moldova, and about 3% to Georgia. In September, Ukraine reduced the natural volumes of milk and condensed cream exports to 1.64 thousand tons (-61%), and the monetary revenue for the delivered goods decreased to 4.11 million dollars. (-58%). About 68.7% of the goods were delivered to EU member states, 9.15% to Bangladesh, and 6.21% to Georgia. The export of fermented milk ...
Source: MilkUA
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