Uruguay: In the first week of 2024, 29,137 cattle were slaughtered

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Published Jan 14, 2024

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In the week from December 31 to January 6, a total of 29,137 cattle, 8,754 sheep, and 440,630 birds were slaughtered in Uruguay. The top five cattle slaughterhouses were Las Piedras Refrigerator, Tacuarembó, Colonia Establishment, Ontilcor, and Inaler, while the top five sheep slaughterhouses were Frigorífico San Jacinto, Bamidal, Casa Blanca Refrigerator, Oferan, and Cuareim Refrigerator. For birds, the plants with the most slaughter were Frontini Poultry, Tres Arroyos Farm Uruguay, Tileo, Frinavur, and Gornet.
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According to data from the National Meat Institute, INAC, in the week from December 31 to January 6, 29,137 cattle, 8,754 sheep and 440,630 birds were slaughtered. Cattle. The composition of the slaughter was: 13,478 steers, 11,385 cows, 3,517 heifers, 584 bulls and 173 calves. By plants, the 5 slaughterhouses that slaughtered the most in the week were: 1) Las Piedras Refrigerator: 3,919 heads (13.5% of the total), 2) Tacuarembó: 3,525 heads (12.1% of the total), 3) Colonia Establishment : 2,655 heads (9.1%), 4) Ontilcor: 2,417 heads (8.3%) and Inaler: 2,148 heads (7.4%). Sheep. 8,754 units were slaughtered during the week. There were: 5,601 lambs, 2,276 ewes, 491 capons, 336 lambs, and 50 rams. The main plants were: 1) Frigorífico San Jacinto: 4,311 (49.2% of the total); 2) Bamidal: 1,685 (19.2%), 3) Casa Blanca Refrigerator: 1,757 ...
Source: Agromeat
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