Hungary: Very rare and expensive; demand for white caviar has not declined despite pandemic

Frozen Sturgeon
Published Mar 22, 2021

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Albino sturgeons are a rarity, occur in a small percentage, and their special color is due to a genetic disorder that inhibits melanin production. The demand for caviar has led to the almost complete extinction of wild sturgeon. Today, caviar is mostly produced on farms, and the breeding of albino sturgeon is a time-consuming and complicated activity, and there are less than 40 such farms in the world, writes These farms are capable of producing 415 tons of white caviar per year, according to 2018 data from the World Sturgeon Association. Although there is no research to confirm the effect of pigment deficiency on caviar taste, sturgeon farmers argue that white caviar is the best caviar in the world, more aromatic and silky than its also popular dark-colored counterpart. This is also reflected in the prices: 600 grams of white caviar can cost up to 8,000 euros. That’s almost three times the price of black caviar. Despite the closure of luxury restaurants due ...
Source: Magro
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