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Poland: What about grain prices when the market is stagnant and there is no demand?

Updated Dec 20, 2022
There is a stagnation in the grain trade, which results not only from the approaching Christmas period, but above all from the clearly limited demand for grain, informs the Chamber of Grain and Feed.
The prices offered by the buyers do not satisfy the sellers, mainly farmers who have not been active on the market for a long time, experts of the Chamber indicate. In their opinion, grain is more willingly sold by trading companies, but the turnover is not high. Therefore, "it is difficult to count on a revival of trade in the coming weeks" As noted in the latest IZ-P newsletter, the corn harvest in the country is still not complete, especially in the east and south-east of the country, where there is still a lot of corn in the fields. The arrival of winter and heavy snowfall made it even more difficult to harvest corn from the fields. There are more and more signals from the market about a significant infection of late-harvested corn with mycotoxins that are harmful to health. How is the price for wheat in December? According to the Chamber's data, in mid-December, consumption wheat was offered, depending on the region of the country, from 1350 to 1400 PLN/t. Here are the other ...
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