What is needed for the development of Ukrainian aquaculture

Published May 5, 2021

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On average, in 2020, Ukrainians consumed 15 kg of fish and seafood. This is more than the previous year, and in general the figure has been gradually increasing in recent years. On the other hand, growth is mainly due to imports. Well, Ukraine still does not significantly reach 20 kg, recommended by FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization OOH, writes Such facts and figures hint at an important task. "Today, Ukraine imports most of the fish products it consumes.

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But we believe that thanks to natural resources, human and educational potential, Ukraine has all the opportunities for aquaculture development and is able not only to provide its own consumption, but also to enter foreign markets, "said Ksenia Sidorkina, USAID Director of Agricultural and Rural Development . The program became one of the co-organizers of the exhibition-forum "Aquaculture Business Ukraine 2021". The event was attended by about 200 people, one way or another related to aquaculture. Participants found out what we already have and what needs to be done for further development of the industry. Aquaculture is the artificial cultivation of fish and other aquatic products, aquatic organisms. Carried out in fully or partially controlled conditions - ponds, gardens and more. It is the products of this sector of agriculture that we most often buy in the fish departments of supermarkets or specialty stores. Ukraine is rich in reservoirs and has a long coastline. And fish ...
Source: AgronewsUA
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