Wholesale small fruits: Raspberries from 22 to 30 euros per kilo in Italy

Published Mar 11, 2023

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It had already been written and the prices of berries on the wholesale markets are confirmed, raspberries have also been rationed in the UK large-scale distribution, which are in almost all varieties well above 20 euros. The price of blueberries is also sustained, which goes over 15 euros and reaches up to 20 in some squares. Without forgetting the currants with the first arrivals from Holland and Chile over 30 euros, blackberries also confirm the sustained prices. After the drop at the end of February, strawberries have regained value, exceeding 4 euros per kg and often reaching 5/6 euros. Star raspberries The origin of the product is differentiated, Portuguese, Moroccan and even Italian raspberries from Basilicata are sold in the boxes. Let's see the quotations in the major Italian markets. The highest price according to Bmti surveys is that recorded yesterday in Bologna where it reaches 30 euros per kg, the other squares with Naples (23.50 euros), Turin (23), Verona (23) Cesena ...
Source: Myfruit
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