Wine seeks to grow in Russia after falling 46% in 2020

Updated May 23, 2021
In volume, it went from 7,713,366 liters in 2019 to about 4,185,507 liters last year, a 46% drop in volume. Apart from the contraction due to the pandemic, two restrictions explain this fall. First, at the end of 2019 the Russian Federation applied a tax for bulk wines and concentrated musts, an extra tariff of 31 rubles per liter of wine and / or must (as of April 18, about US $ 0.42 ). That in addition to paying the 15% import duty and all internal taxes. Second, in mid-2020 a new regulation was applied in Russia that does not prohibit importation, but determines that they cannot be mixed with Russian wines and that it must be fractionated and labeled as "Unprocessed Wine Material". a supermarket must be sold in separate gondolas from Russian wine. From La Coviar, its manager, Carlos Fiochetta, recognizes the impact of the new regulations and clarifies that it is a complex place: "It has always been a fairly random market, with times of many shipments and others with less." Not ...
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