With 2024 fishing quota negotiations underway, Irish fishing industry takes on Iceland

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Published Nov 28, 2023

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The CEO of the Irish Fish Producers Organization has accused Iceland of deliberately overfishing mackerel stocks in order to establish claims on the resource through self-allocated quotas. He claims that Iceland has been landing large amounts of mackerel for fishmeal production, threatening the sustainability of the fisheries. Similar accusations have also been made against Norway, with claims that they have secured an unfair share of mackerel, blue whiting, and herring quotas.
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Irish Fish Producers Organization CEO Aodh O’Donnell has accused Iceland of deliberately pursuing a policy of overfishing over the past decade while it fixes a unilateral mackerel quota almost three times greater than that of Ireland.Iceland is “plundering” mackerel stocks for use in fishmeal production as part of its effort to establish claims on stocks through self-allocated quotas, according to O’Donnell, who said 120,000 metric tons of mackerel was landed by Icelandic vessels in Norwegian ports for fishmeal production in the last quarter alone.O’Donnell and other representatives of Ireland’s commercial fishing sector have previously made similar accusations against Norway, claiming Norway has “unilaterally secured” an enormous share of the total allowable catch (TAC) of mackerel, blue whiting, and herring, threatening their stocks in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean. According to the IFPO, blue whiting catch opportunities available to Norway in Irish waters amounted to 224,000 ...
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