Brazil: With more expensive cod, tilapia should gain space on the table of Holy Week

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Frozen Tilapia
Published Mar 27, 2021

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Tilapia will be the preference of Brazilians during Holy Week (Photo: Ernesto de Souza / Ed. Globo) In a different situation from several other foods, such as beef, which had strong increases, farmed fish are practically stable, similar to visas still at Christmas 2020. Exception made to imports, which are influenced by the rise in the dollar, say representatives of the sector.

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Given the situation, the expectation is that products traditionally most consumed at Easter time, such as cod, tend to lose space on the table for other options. "The prices of national fish in October, November and December 2020 remain practically stable for Easter 2021", says the president of the Brazilian Association of Fish Industries (Abipesca), Eduardo Lobo. Among the alternatives, tilapia, which represents 60% of aquaculture in Brazil, should be the protagonist at the Holy Week table of Brazilians. Price is the main factor according to industry figures. Fish ranges from R $ 35 to R $ 45 a kilo, while cod has a kilo ranging from R $ 55 to R $ 75 in Brazilian retail. The expectation of the president of the Brazilian Association of Pisciculture (Peixe BR), Francisco Medeiros, is for an increase of 10% to 13% in sales of tilapia during the period of Lent. “This year, the choice of fish and farmed fish was more about price than religious,” says Medeiros. learn more Farmer ...
Source: Agroinforme
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