World olive oil consumption has increased by 91.1% since 1990

Olive Oil
Published Mar 2, 2021

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The world consumption of olive oil has increased in the period between the 1990/91 to 2018/19 seasons by 91.1%. Provisional data for the 2019/20 campaign point to an increase of 5.8%, to 3,234,000 t., And in the 2020/21 campaign it is expected to stand at 3,185,500 t., Which represents a decrease 1.5% compared to the previous season, according to the latest data from the International Olive Council (IOC).

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Regarding consumption in the IOC member countries in the 2019/20 campaign, they totaled 2,204,000 t., Which represents an increase of 3.4%. The group of European countries together reach 1,519,000 t. (+ 0.7%), while the rest of the member countries of this organization increased as a whole by 9.8% with a total of 685,000 t. In the rest of the non-IOC member countries, consumption was around 1,030,000 t. (+ 11.4%). Among the IOC member countries during 2019, Albania (4.7 kg.) And Morocco (4.1 kg.) Stand out with values above 4 kg. of olive oil consumption per inhabitant and year, while the consumption per inhabitant and year of the group of member countries of this organization is 2.2 kg. Among the IOC member countries of the EU, Greece (11.5 kg per inhabitant per year), Spain (10.6 kg), Italy (7.5 kg), Cyprus (6.7 kg .) and Portugal (5.5 kg.). Olive oil consumption in the European Union stands at 2.9 kg. per inhabitant and year. Among the non-member countries of this body, Syria ...
Source: Mercacei
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